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Paint Dipped Balsa Wood Candle Holder | A Beautiful Mess

Standing in the hardware store the other day, I found a stand of balsa wood. I told my dad that I wanted some. Why?, he asked. I don’t know, I replied, I just like balsa wood. And who knows when I would find the perfect project for it? And then look - here is not only the perfect thing I’ve been looking for for my mantle piece, but it’s made from balsa wood! See, I’m not crazy (though I may be a hoarder). If you’ve never used balsa wood before, you will love it. It’s so soft that you can cut it with a craft knife, it’s light weight and if need be, you can make a model airplane out of it.

Home Made Cat Wheel | Stitches n’ Sews

My boyfriend and I were talking the other day about getting a hamster wheel for our Chihuahua who hates going for walks. But it looks like making one wouldn’t be that difficult.


What happens when you combine a power drill and a Micron pen.

OMG yes

(via tmills)

Laura’s Loop: Tulip Tank Top - The Purl Bee

Putting this on my list of things to make! With knitting, I have trouble making things I’ll actually wear. I don’t much care for any kind of pullover top with sleeves, but I keep forgetting that and knitting them anyway. “Don’t spend weeks/months making yourself something to keep in a drawer” seems pretty obvious, but I can use the reminder.


Hanging boot organizers! I had no idea these existed. You can either purchase them for super cheap: $11.99 via Amazon or you could easily DIY yourself up one with an upcycled comforter bag or an old sheet or some great fabric.

We will be doing this for sure. My boots are all scrunched up at the bottom of my wardrobe, and I hate it. That pool noodle thing isn’t a terrible idea, but I feel like it’d take up too much space. 

The Moistest Chocolate Mug Cake - Table for Two

I’ve heard this is good, but my first thought was, “If I had a bunch of Nutella in my house, what the hell would I need to make cake for?”

DIY Dartboard • Lovely Indeed

The DIY-er in me is thinking, oh, how inventive and cute! The dart player in me is thinking:

1. There’s not nearly enough contrast between the two colors that replaced red & green.
2. That guy is standing too close to the board.
3. Two sets of three darts need to be the same color for a standard two-player game of Cricket.
4. What dart game requires nine darts?
5. Where is the scoreboard?

Made By Meg: Why I Won’t Be ‘Going Tribal’ This Summer

Meg makes some really great points about the use of the words “tribal” and “ethnic” to describe fabric prints. Whenever I see those words used, my first thought is always “Which tribe? What ethnicity?” This Target ad uses “world prints” instead, which is a little better but doesn’t really solve the problem.