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DIY project du jour: Make a wind chime from bottle caps.

Materials: An old tin/can/colander for the top, bottle caps, wire (or jump rings), a hammer, an awl, and pliers.  

(via Bottle Cap Chime, from Kelli Nina Perkins’s EphemeralAlchemy blog)

My brother-in-law is from Brazil, and he saves the bottle cap from each new type of beer he tries in the U.S. He also has a collection of wind chimes. It’s like this idea was made for him.

Hey, look, it’s a stump that holds my jewelry tools! 

I had been wanting to do something like this for awhile. A lot of my jewelry stuff was on my bench in an old pot like this:


It worked just fine, but sometimes it was hard to find a few of the smaller things in there, like my file, tiny screwdriver and center punch. When a really huge tree branch fell down in our yard, I knew I could saw off a chunk of it to use for this project.

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alisaburke: fashion friday- thread wrapped sandals

These are adorable! I’d recommend using waxed thread or adding some ScotchGuard to it or something, otherwise it’ll get dirty pretty quickly.

Quick Trick for Storing Paper Patterns | Sewaholic

This is wonderful! I’ve been using vintage pants hangers to store mine, but pants hangers are thick enough that I have trouble fitting very many in my closet.


By now there are probably more shipping pallet DIY ideas out there than available pallets. I feel like I’ve seen them all, but this one caught my eye. This little shelving DIY is a nice alternative to bulky units and has some serious personality. Besides, when your space is small, you only want to put the good stuff in there.  -EL

VIA upcyclethat

Ooh, this is neat! I wish everyone luck finding a pallet as nice as that one, though.

(via the-pastoralist)


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I currently have no need in my life for a silverware caddy, but I could totally see this for art supplies.



I decided on Friday that I really wanted some marquee letters, but vintage and even wooden ones are still hella expensive, so I used this diy tutorial. The only differences: I used 3 pieces of  poster board with a grid for easier cutting, I got two boxes of lights from Target for $10 each, I used the coin method, and I didn’t used silver spray paint. Grand total: $45.


I am super delighted that these letters say UGH and not JOY or EAT or LOVE or BAR like most of them do.

(P.S. the coin method is here.)

Pearls & Scissors: DIY Romantic Lace T-shirt (and pattern)

I made a shirt like this in an hour or two once. I ought to make more!