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Rosette Shirt | Ruffles & Stuff

This is another of those looks-hard-but-is-actually-quite-easy DIYs that I’m pretty sure I could whip up in an hour! Straight line sewing is my forte and the combination of tulle, cotton and the pretty colours is perfect for everyone.


When you haven’t a yarn bowl, a tea pot will do in a pinch!


V8811 | Misses’ Dress and Belt | New Sewing Patterns | Vogue Patterns

Oh man, I want to buy this pattern and make a thousand dresses out of it!


Make your own tape out of wrapping paper. Click on source for tutorial!

My favorite part of this is the fact that you can use old sewing spools and a twist tie to hold ribbon! SCORE.

(via craftdiscoveries)


Yep, this pretty green number is made from four plastic Mountain Dew bottles and … took about two hours to make … .

For how-to / DIY tutorial, see EPBOT

That’s marvelous! I’d be worried about it falling down, though, so I’d probably try to make a different base.


Here’s another simple gardening-related repurposing idea:

DIY “watering can” — made from a plastic jug

This photo showing small openings made by pushing a hot needle into the top of a plastic container is making the rounds on Pinterest.

For how-to / DIY details, see A journey to a dream blog.

Oh wow, what an awesome idea.


DIY Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder : A Law Student’s Journey

This paperclip holder turned pretty bobby pin holder is a sweet bit of repurposing don’t you think?



Check out this easy tutorial by Stars For Streetlights that transforms two square scarves into a stylish blouse. If you don’t want to permanently part with your scarves, safety pin them together and mix them up to create different looks! 

I’m dubious about this. Wouldn’t you have to wear another shirt underneath to avoid showing everyone your bra whenever you lifted your arms?

Sweet Verbena: Tribal Pattern Stencil: a tutorial

I love freezer-paper stencils and modding t-shirts, so naturally I’m a fan of this one!

(via bluishorange)

An avocado pie for St. Patrick’s Day | How About Orange

I made this for a St. Patrick’s Day party on Saturday. It went over pretty well and I thought it was delicious!