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People, I have been remiss! Two months ago I told you I was starting to make my couch cushions. Then I made my couch cushions, but never told you about it. Until now! That’s what they look like above. Yeah, I’m pretty proud. Here it is from the other angle (with bonus power strip underneath):

I have big plans (with foam and materials to match) to make cushions for the back, too, but that hasn’t happened yet. I took a much-needed sewing break after I made the seat cushions, and then it was Halloween, and now it’s Christmas, so. Here’s what I needed a break from:

All that piping was really a bitch! The tutorial I found made it sound easy, and it was, but so time-consuming and tedious. When I finished, it felt like I’d done a zillion yards of it. Maybe I did.

Some other details:

  • The fabric is from Premier Prints, and I’m really happy with it. Thanks to Cinnamon for the recommendation! When the fabric arrived in the mail, I washed, dried and scotch-guarded it. I don’t have any kids, but I do have two dogs, and sometimes I eat dinner on the sofa, so.
  • The foam, batting, piping cord and zippers are from a local Austin store called Capital City Upholstery. If you’re in Austin, you should go there. If you’re not, I’d find a local upholstery place near you. You could order online, but the shipping will be expensive and you won’t get to test out all the different foam densities and types. That turned out to be more important than I’d thought. Plus the staff was quite helpful.
  • For the most part I followed this tutorial, with the measurement advice given here.
  • My sewing machine is a little wimpy, but I used upholstery thread through the needle, and regular sewing thread in the bobbin, as advised here. Worked okay.

I just realized that all these tutorials are from the same person. Thanks, ModHomeEcTeacher! I’ll be taking more of her advice whenever I get back to my long-neglected ottoman. When that time comes, I’ll try not to wait two months to tell you about it.

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