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Have you seen these bobby pins around? I started seeing them on etsy awhile back. they’re a little expensive - about $15 for 3 of the small ones. I started wondering how much it would cost to make them - I love colorful hair accessories and could go broke pretty easily if I didn’t make some of them myself.

So, here is a little “secret” about etsy. Did you know that you can buy the supplies to make about 85% of the items that are sold on etsy on the same site? Pretty awesome, right? Probably not if you’re a seller, but if you’re a buyer, cool. If you see a cool owl charm necklace, go back to the front page, change the search option bar to “supplies” and search “owl charm” - you will probably find that charm for 5% of the price, and with a couple of cheap tools you could make your own simple necklaces. The cost of supplies on etsy is usually cheaper than the local chain craft store too - and the variety is awesome.

But how do you find these little flowers? These are called cabochons, and if you search “flower cabochon” you will find them in all different sizes and colors. These are 15mm - I bought them from Poppy Loves Paris for 50c each. They are even cheaper if you buy more, like if you’re planning on making holiday gifts or bridesmaids presents or whatever. There are TONS of sellers selling these - I picked these because I liked the muted colors. You can get bigger (like the grey and orange ones above), you can get birds, you could even get crystals or something. These kind of beads are called flatbacks, so if you search flatback you can find all kinds.

I got the bobby pins from Pinky Noodles for about 10c each. These are silver tones, but you can also get bronze and gold, there are fancier ones that have little leaves or filigree designs also. I also got the bigger orange and grey flowers from Pinky Noodles for about $1.25 each. They are sized 32mm and 40mm. I would not go smaller than 15mm, which is the size of the pink one.

Many of these sellers also sell glue, but I am just using some generic craft glue that I picked up at Michaels or something awhile back.

So now you have bobby pins, you have your flowers, and you have glue. But how does the magic happen? HOW DOES THE MAGIC HAPPEN!

Put some glue on the bobby pin. Then press the flower firmly onto the pin. Wipe up any extra glue. Let sit for about 24 hours before putting in your hair. The bigger the flower, the less the pins will stick, but the little ones are on there pretty good.

Anyway this is what the backs look like. This is pretty amazing, right? You can use this same magical technique to make earrings, rings (search “ring base” in supplies), pendants, etc. Glue + premade charms = $$ profit. Cute accessories for you and awesome cheap gifts for your friends!

This bugs me about Etsy sometimes. You can buy an octopus necklace from a seller for $30, or you can buy the brass octopus stamping the seller used for $2 and a chain for $2. I can’t decide if it’s lame or GENIUS. Maybe it’s both.

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