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Hey there, tiny pocket tank sew-along participants! Today we’ll get started with something simple: choosing what fabric to use for the pattern. I have three pieces of advice on that:

1. Pick something woven. The pattern’s not meant for knit fabrics, and if you chose a knit anyway, you would need to use a whole host of different techniques I won’t be outlining here. Here’s some advice on identifying knits vs. wovens.

2. Pick a light fabric with some drape. It’s a tank top, not an overcoat, so you don’t want something too heavy. And you’ll want the tank to be kind of flow-y, so don’t pick something stiff. Colette Patterns has an excellent post on fabric weight and drape, with this chart illustrating where different types of fabric fall. For the tiny pocket tank, you should pick something in or near the top right quadrant.

3. If you are a beginning sewer, don’t pick a slippery fabric. Slippery fabrics are a bit harder to work with on account of being so slippery; it takes a bit of practice to get them to stay put while you pin and sew. Beginners should choose something like cotton lawn or cotton voile.

Whatever fabric you choose, be sure to wash and dry it before you start sewing. It’ll behave better that way. If you have any questions about fabric, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Next week I’ll show you how to print and assemble the pattern, how to grade it up for larger sizes, and more. Yay!

(You can see all the sew-along posts here.)

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