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So look at Brendan’s wardrobes. Aren’t they boring?

He has to keep all his clothes and shoes and stuff in there because my things take up the entire bedroom closet. In my defense, it’s not a very big closet. Anyway, I’ve seen those wardrobes as a big blank canvas until a few weeks ago, when I finally did something about it and made them look like this:

So much better, right? I love how it looks and so does Brendan, and all it took was some scissors, cardboard, and a roll of wood-grain contact paper. And now I’ll show you how I did it!

First, I cut leaf-shaped templates out of some cardboard I had from a package of leggings. To make the leaf shape, I just drew a bunch of swoop-y lines until I was satisfied with the general shape, then I cut it out.

I’m not much of an artist, so this is usually how I draw simple shapes. As a graphic designer, I could have done some fancy vector business in Illustrator and printed it out on cardstock, but I guess I was feeling lazy.

Anyhow, here are all my leaf shapes cut out of the cardboard:

Then I took my roll of wood-grain contact paper (mine is Ultra Honey Oak Adhesive Contact Paper from Amazon) and began tracing my leaf shapes onto the back of the paper.

Here you can see that I did a whole bunch at a time and then cut them all out at once. I found it easiest to do it that way.

And here are my big stacks of contact-paper leaf shapes, ready to stick onto the wardrobe.

I went into the bedroom and took another long look at the blank wardrobe, trying to decide what pattern I wanted to put the leaves in:

My little puppy helpers kept me company for awhile, but then they got bored and fell asleep.

Since I wasn’t sure how I wanted it to look, I put the leaves on the wardrobe with Scotch tape first, to experiment with different configurations. With the Scotch tape on, they were really easy to move around before I decided on a final pattern.

First I tried this pattern:

It didn’t really thrill me. Maybe they were too close together?

No, that was worse. What if I made them look like they were coming out of one corner?

Ehhhhh no. What if they came down from the middle and out, sort of like a tree?

Hey, that looked pretty good. At that point I thought about peeling off the backs of the leaves and just winging it as far as the placement was concerned, but instead I decided to Scotch-tape each leaf on to be 100% sure I was happy with it before making it permanent.

I took a few extra leaves and made another little design on the side of the wardrobe, too.

Once I was happy with the design, I began peeling off the backs and sticking them all down. It turned out that the Scotch tape helped me peel off the backs, which would have been an annoying task otherwise. All I had to do was flip up each leaf:

Pull off the backing:

Stick the leaf down (making sure to smooth out any bubbles) and pull off the Scotch tape:

And voila! It looks so nice with everything stuck down, right?

If I were to do this project over again, I’d make sure the direction of the wood grain on the contact paper matched the direction of the wood grain on the wardrobe. That’d probably make it look a little more like inlaid wood and less like contact paper. But I decided I’m okay with it this time; I’m not about to peel all that stuff off and re-stick it.

If you do a project like this yourself, make sure you put a photo of it in the Flickr pool!

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