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The “Uncanny Heart” Bowl | Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri

Groovy recycling project from Family Chic.

I wish I had a can opener that could do this without making the edge of the can really dangerous.


Reverse Canvas Wall Pockets | Just Something I Made

How absolutely darling are these? Dress them up or down as much as you like. So useful! And practical too especially i you have some old canvases laying around that you don’t want to (re)paint! I am going to make up a few of these and use them at the front door for mail and key organization!

There’s no way that whatever I put in these wall pockets would be nearly as cute as what’s in this photo.


Use a soda tab as a picture hanger (via Pinterest).

(via burdastyle-deactivated20130422)


Giant Paper Flowers | Green Wedding Shoes

Normally I would think that giant paper flowers were super tacky but I love these as props for your wedding photos! They could even be used in an outdoor wedding - make a few and stick them in the ground around the venue (if you’re allowed) for an Alice In Wonderland-esque Wedding!

These look really time-consuming, but totally worth it.


DIY Houses By Night | Fellow Fellow

If you’ve ever been overseas, I’m pretty sure you would have pictures of amazing buildings from your travels. But once you come home, the pictures probably sit on your computer, languishing in their folder! Wouldn’t this be an amazing way to display them? Plus: great conversation piece! Just follow the image guide and you’re on your way to some great art with special memories.

Wow, this is beautiful. I have lots of photos from Amsterdam and Bruges that would work for this.

Jewelry Box D.I.Y. - A Beautiful Mess

I love that this box is deep enough to hold a bowl for smaller items. That’s what my own homemade jewelry box is missing!

Make art out of band tees so you can prove you listened to them way back when | Offbeat Home

This would be a good idea for me, except mine all say Dave Matthews Band and Counting Crows, and I’m not sure I want to throw my silly music history out there to the world.

Oh, hell, I guess I just did!

Reader Redesign: A Monstrous Duvet | Young House Love

Wow, what an amazing project. It looks time-consuming, but not ultimately that difficult.


What a beautiful way to use up scraps of fabric! You could just buy one of those wire wreath forms, then start attaching strips of scraps. Very lovely!

Ooh, this IS an awesome way to use up scraps.

fellowfellow – Sweet DIY Votives

This would be a perfect use for really small fabric scraps.